• “Was a true pleasure to meet you all. Thank you for your openness and I’am inspired by your team’s idea-leadership & partnership approach. We are looking forward to working with you!”

    Ranjit Gopi. Director of Marketing - TCL Multimedia
  • “I have been impressed by their enthusiasm, creativity, & flexibility especially as I was guilty of dropping projects on them with very tight deadlines but they never let me down. A thoroughly professional team delivering to the highest standards.”

    Colin J. Stewart. General Manager - Air Europa UK
  • “I’m very satisfied with the services provided by 3AWW .  I’ve had the opportunity to work with the Brazilian, Mexican & Spanish teams & also directly with Roberto Amarante Global President Board Of Directors 3AWW, Mauricio Acuña President for 3AWW Americas and Miguel Angel Rodriguez Caveda Global Chief Operating Officer, President for 3AWW Europe, India & Middle East.  I’m impressed by the fact that the teams, regardless of location, always come through for us. 3AWW  has proven to be a strategic partner for us given their global footprint & their ability to meet or exceed our expectations in terms of speed, creative quality, ability to negotiate media, ability to drive business development, & global reach.”

    Mario Cordon - Open English / Technology
  • “Visit St Pete/Clearwater have worked with Rooster/3AWW PR for a number of years & have always found them highly efficient, innovative & patient! Individuals within the agency seem very dedicated to their clients which is a major plus. We have changed our brief with them recently to a project supporting a major campaign & they have risen to the task providing an innovative & far reaching strategy.”

    Venessa Alexander. Visit St. Pete - Clearwater
  • “LGD Communications has been doing business with 3AWW for over a decade & we value them as friends as well as a strategic partners. We have always appreciated & respected the ability of Roberto Amarante Global President Board Of Directors 3AWW, Mauricio Acuña President for 3AWW Americas and Miguel Angel Rodriguez Caveda Global Chief Operating Officer, President for 3AWW Europe, India & Middle East & his team to consistently strike a balance between firm negotiation & the strategic interests of our joint clients; a balance that can easily be lost in the increasingly overheated media environment. The result is media placement that is efficient, always smart, yet flexible enough to identify those ‘once in a season’ opportunities that put our clients in key media environments.”

    Len Dugow. President & Chief Creative Officer - LGD Communications
  • “Following a competitive pitch, we hired Rooster to activate a PR programme in support of Hong Kong’s Wine & Dine offering. Rooster/3AWW has connected us with key F&B media, both traditional & bloggers, resulting in strong coverage & awareness. The Rooster/3AWW team are creative & results-focused, working seamlessly with our in-house PR team.”

    Dawn Page. Director - UK & Northern Europe, Hong Kong / Tourism Board.
  • “3AWW has consistently delivered 100% over the KPI’s required for TNZ’s 2013 and 2014 fiscally year. Mexico and Brazil teams have an unparalleled knowledge of the premium travel space.”

    Adriena Daunt - Travel New Zealand / Travel and Hospitality
  • “Rooster/3AWW was a joy to work with. The team is dedicated & 100% effective, providing an excellent return on our investment.”

    Ann Shutte. Director of Global Operations - Bermuda Department of Tourism
  • “At 3AWW we found great professionals that enabled us to leverage our brand exposure in what we consider key markets. Great experience and excellent knowledge of the non traditional forms of media in todays media outlets.”

    Pablo Chiozza. CEO - Americas LAN/TAM Airlines / Travel and Hospitality
  • “We were looking for a partner that would understand rapidly our global market while being creative, reactive & could insure several projects within the agreed time limits. Com Par Magie perfectly assured its mission while being a human sized agency that work closely with its costumers.”

    Ali LAKHDAR. Marketing Manager - LG Electronics Morocoo
  • “Thanks to the effective actions of the O2PR/3AWW team & its drive for the result, an extensive coverage of the event in the printed, online media & the TV has been provided. Agency organized a large number of comments to the press & TV from the speakers of KIEF. Forum has devoted numerous publications in the media. This made it possible to draw more attention to the topics discussed at KIEF forum, within the societty, experts & government representatives.”

    Kiev International Economic Forum - Ukraine
  • “I want to take the opportunity to congratulate the 3AWW team for a job well done! The eMerge media campaign & overall branding support received from 3AWW was at the highest level & I can’t think of better partners for this great movement. It was a real pleasure working such a professional & attentive group of individuals.”

    Maxim Weitzman - eMerge Americas / Technology
  • “Zipipop Freud/3AWW has done a great job as Google’s PR-agency in Finland, both in the area of corporate & consumer communications. The company has changed but the people have remained the same. Timo Nurmi has been working with us for almost seven years & often functions as an extended team-member of the Nordic communications team in Finland.”

    Gustaf Brusewitz. Nordic Communications & Public Affairs Manager - Google.
  • “I want to take the time to thank you 3AWW for organizing such a fantastic events & partnerships. The feedback is in & it is extremely positive. All panels were very informative. The biggest players in our business truly gave us a good gage of the state of our market & its projections. As a real estate senior professional I thank you for putting it together. Miami needed that type of professional platform.”

    Sabine Otamendi. Director Of Sales & Marketing - One Sotheby’s Realty
  • “The team is young & active, full of good thoughts & ideas, & always ready to present at the sparkling eyes, no matter what, & to find all the answers. It’s good to see that a fairly short period of time the team has generated a good understanding of each other & the valve.”

    Pille Rankel. Marketing Specialist - Radisson Blu Hotel Olympic
  • “I formally thank you 3AWW for the great job you did with the launch of eMerge Americas in May. We are now on the map thanks to you and Forbes. We are glad that we have partnered with 3AWW .”

    Diane Sanchez - EMERGE Americas / Technology
  • “Why is this agency special compared with many other agencies on the local market? To resume TotalPR/3AWW s uniqueness & its main advantage I will use a quote of Alexandru Ioan Cuza which says: To understand is more important than to know”. The people from this agency have really understood our products & services, our differentiators, mission & values. Therefore, they managed to communicate the SAP brand in a perfect & correct manner. I’m sure that in the future they will continue to bring us the best results.”

    Sarbrina Mitu. Marketing Manager - SAP Romania
  • “3AWW ’s team is professional, innovative & creative while also delivering real-world executable programs & solutions that generate results. Their tenacity & drive are unmatched.”

    John Albino - W South Beach / Travel & Hospitality
  • “During our joint work, O2PR/3AWW staff has demonstrated a high level of professionalism, responsibility & ability to resolve problems promptly. I would like to emphasize on the willingness of O2PR/3AWW to approach smoothly to the needs of the customer, & to offer their special options for the task.”

    Cisco - Ukraine
  • “It is with great pleasure to have an opportunity to acknowledge the work of 3AWW .The 3AWW team is dedicated to excellence, 3A associates are energetic & passionate about building highly creative, productive teams; which has accounted for their extreme success in launching full service digital, media placement, & public relations campaigns.”

    John Cardona. Director of Sales & Marketing - Trump Hotel Collection Panama /Travel and Hospitality
  • “We have chosen the agency Bílý Medvěd/3AWW PR from Brno primarily because we were satisfied with the results and quality of their work on another Pfizer product.  Communication with the agency was always absolutely free of problems, the campaign was very creative and brought excellent results. With Bílý Medvěd/3AWW you can be sure that they will be always willing to help and try to do their best for your project.”

    Juraj Šutovský - Pfizer
  • “28 tier placements in June—fantastic! Well done! Thank you 3AWW team for all of your efforts!”

    Aundrea Kurna. Director of Communications - Highgate Corporation / Travel & Hospitality
  • “Thank you 3AWW very much for doing such a terrific job on Wednesday. The day could not have gone more smoothly and I know our partners were extremely happy with each of the events. We are extremely fortunate to have all of you on our team. You are a pleasure to work with and each of you is exceptional.”

    Reid Boren - Biscayne Beach / Real Estate
  • “Rooster/3AWW are professional, insightful & excellent at their work. I highly recommend them.”

    Derek Lubner - Anata Diamonds
  • “I hope I can speak for all of us in that the 3AWW Team that has represented Biscayne Beach has done an outstanding job. They are thoughtful, well versed, execute on time, add insights, and are highly professional. I cannot say enough good things. They are an integral part of our team and our Biscayne Beach and now Elysee family. We are grateful for 3AWW ‘s continued support and looking forward to launching our new project. You really have a blue chip team.”

    Linda Soper - Linda Lane / PR & Marketing
  • “For many years, Rooster/3AWW has provided our PR service in the UK market. I hold the relationship in high regard, both in terms of the team co-operation from individuals, but also the high standard to which Rooster work and provide our PR needs.”

    Shaun Lyons - Costa Crociere
  • “3AWW is a proven key player in media whose performance and persistence is evident in the quality of their work. A truly professional company that always takes the extra step, which is critical to us as a real estate developer.”

    Ryan Mendell - Florida Condo Company / Real Estate
  • “Since Rooster/3AWW ‘s appointment I have been delighted with the results; James is always able to understand our needs while getting the fine line we tread between defensive and proactive PR plus also offering brilliant advice on whether he thinks an idea is a runner or not. I struggle to think of a better agency for lifestyle/travel brands than Rooster, expertly managed by James. On top of this James has a very good way to deal with ‘corporate’ situations advising on releases and features within the Tech/Internet press with Qype campaigns getting cut through and coverage in Techcrunch, Strategy Eye, FT, BBC TV and others.”

    Richard Dennys. Chief Marketing Officer - Qype
  • “3AWW ’s team is extremely well read, knowledgeable and always brings incredible added value to the table. The agency’s team approach is efficient, creative and well connected, making themselves great assets to our business.”

    Selma Langer. Director of Marketing and Public Relations - Trump Hotel Collection / Travel and Hospitality
  • “3AWW ’s team is terrific and we appreciate it. As always, the 3A team meets the objectives that drive our business year over year.”

    Ivanka Trump. Ownership - Trump Organization / Travel & Hospitality
  • “Congratulations for the high quality (first class) of the event as well as the excellent turn out!. Great job folks!”

    Hernan Gleizer - Optimar International Realty / Real Estate
  • “Thanks to your team-the event was very well put together and I heard a lot of good feedback. It’s a pleasure to work with 3AWW .”

    Jesse Ottley - Cervera Real Estate / Real Estate
  • “I wanted to take a quick moment to let you know how impressed and grateful we are with 3AWW ’s quality of work.”

    Jackie Camargo / Real Estate
  • “The work clarified our communications strategy in challenging state of change and it will have significant social impact in long term.”

    Taina Susiluoto. Chief Director - The Ministry of Defense of Finland
  • “We want to thank Good One Group/3AWW very much for fruitful cooperation in the implementation of the campaign of building the marketing strategy including development of communication plan of my company in the field of PR and construction of the website.”

  • “When we thought about re launching certain routes to Latin America we decided on 3AWW as our agency and the public relations results were outstanding. They met all of my expectations, delivered partners that help us entrain our key customers and they were able to probably sell the message of our brands legacy premium service throughout the Caribe.”

    Dimitris Bountola. Global Senior Director Premium Client Services - Iberia Airlines / Travel & Hospitality
  • “Thank you for your support with your team, 3AWW has been great.”

    Jonathan Najjar - Spazio Di Casa (Opening Event in Dominican Republic) / Real Estate



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